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From 25 May 2018, organisations who handle personal data will need to meet new legal requirements, as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect across the EU (replacing the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive).

GDPR, and the forthcoming Data Protection Act 2018, expand the privacy rights granted to data subjects (EU/EEA individuals) and place greater obligations on organisations who handle personal data of those individuals (data controllers and processors), wherever those organisations are based.


What are we doing to comply with GDPR?

As a service provider that handles customers data for billing purposes, Dialsave are committed to ensuring that we are compliant with GDPR.

We have already taken steps to identify areas that do not comply to the new regulations, and have already put in motion some changes to our processes which we outline in this email.


Changes to Terms of Service

We have always maintained a fairly relaxed relationship between ourselves and our customers, but with the introduction of GDPR we are having to formalise our relationships in a more explicit manner.

We will shortly be introducing some new terms of service that describe the legal obligations not just for ourselves, but also for our customers. These fall in line with the new principles of legal obligations found under GDPR.

We will not be changing any commercial terms, such as pricing or contract lengths, and we will make some further announcements once these are in place to explain what has changed.


Inactive accounts

We are going to be reviewing all accounts on our service and identifying those accounts that we deem as inactive. Accounts that have had no activity, and who are not currently active customers will be closed down, with all contained data deleted permanently.

We will notify account holders before the deletion of these accounts, to give them a chance to retrieve any data they may want to maintain.


New accounts

Signing up for new accounts will result in "trial" accounts, time limited to 30 days. Customers wishing to convert their trial accounts to fully functional accounts will need to get in touch with us before the 60-day period, otherwise the account will be closed down and all contained data deleted permanently.

Account holders will be notified prior to accounts being deleted, and given a chance to convert them to full accounts.


What else?

We are in the process of drawing up documentation to cover the various processes required to comply with GDPR, and we may bump into some more changes required, which we will communicate in due course.

If you have any questions or queries regarding GDPR contact us at

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